DJ Entertainer

In 1991 he founded Disc Jakey Entertainment, a professional mobile DJ entertainment service which operated

for 26 years, providing DJ music and lighting effects for social, business, and corporate events:

including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, school reunions, Christian events, etc.


In 2008 he joined a local church's worship team playing bass guitar and mandolin as well as trying to form

a Christian contemporary music band.

In 1982 he cofounded Castle Keep, a band that would play the traditional folk songs of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales in a progressive style.  Castle Keep would play the folk music circuit, libraries and cultural associations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New England. 

When Castle Keep performed, he would often be asked "Why is an Italian, born in Italy, playing Irish music?"  This inspired him to do something for his birth heritage and he decided to write a book celebrating his Italian heritage.

About his Celtic heritage

The Celts settled in northern Italy and founded present-day Milan.  They also attacked Rome twice.

He believes that, during one of these attacks, his ancestors were born. 

His musical partner and good friend, Jodee James, surprised him with a DNA kit a few years ago and it was found that he is 66% Southern Europe (Italy), 33% Asia Minor (an area in Turkey where the Celts settled) and 4% Northern Africa.  I guess Hannibal left his mark :-)

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John Conte

John Conte was born Giovanni Conte in Sora, Italy in November 1951

to Anna De Vincenzo from Sora and Vincenzo Conte from Taranto, Italy.   

The family emigrated to the U.S. in May 1958 on the S.S. Independence. 

In 1966 he became a musician, playing electric bass in a Jersey City, New Jersey

high school rock band, and then gravitating to progressive rock music. 

While jamming with a local blues band in 1974, he was given the nickname "Jake" and he has used that name in music and later as a professional mobile DJ. 

Copyright, 2013, Italians Are Best, All rights reserved

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