The Books

I began officially writing the two books on June 2, 2013, with an anticipated publishing date

of November 2016.  As of today (December 25, 2013) I have 710 notable Italian entries. 

Because I am so far ahead of schedule, I hope to publish a year earlier than expected. 

--- John Conte - December 25, 2013

Update:  January 1, 2014

My goal in seven months was to reach 700 notable Italians. 

I have reached 750 (which is half of the total number of Italians to be featured in the book. 

I should reach another 750 in the next 12 months.

--- John Conte - January 1, 2014

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This page will feature news and updates on Italians and Italian Americans

and progress updates on the books we are working on.

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Book Update - September 4, 2017

Last Updated - July 25, 2016

John Conte is working on three books about Italians. 

 The first book (which should be published by July 2018) is titled: 

ITALIANS!! Not Dagos, Wops, Guineas, Gweedos and will feature

actors, musicians, athletes, inventors, etc. with Italian heritage. 

The second book is a cookbook of Italian recipes titled:

EATING ITALIAN: Who orders a hamburger at an Italian restaurant?  

and will include recipes submitted by friends and family. 

If you have a recipe you'd like to share, let us know. 

You will be the author of your recipe(s).

A third book is titled: Mama Made Me Italian will feature

those who are Italian on their mother's side.

In addition, he is also working on books about

The New York Yankees, New Jersey and New York.

The book - Update - September 12, 2014

I have mini biographies and calendar entries for 1,206 notable Italian for the book. 

In addition, I have approximately another 1,200 people in the queue. 

The actual number of people in the book will be determined on publishing requirements of publisher.  

It's possible that we may have between 2 to 6 volumes as my goal is to reach 3,000 people.

Italians Are Best - Web site

I am proud to have this web site operating.   This web site was supposed to promote

the books I am working on "Italians - Not Dagos, Wops, Guineas, Gweedos -

Celebrating Italian Contributions to Society" and "Italians in Sports".  

But, we hope to also promote Italian heritage and our contributions.

--- John Conte - December 5, 2013